Broadway Cinemas UniPark

LOCATION Foshan, China
SERVICE Interior design
YEAR 2017

Broadway Cinemas UniPark


LOCATION Foshan, China

SERVICE Interior design

YEAR 2017

Move the dream circus into the cinema

Design inspiration

Colorful color, light rhythm, happy atmosphere Cinema? Or the circus? What would be the scenario if the two were combined? Move the party into the cinema and have fun through.

Design emphasis

(lobby area) without tents, how to load grand performances?

Therefore, the lobby pillars at the entrance are the pillars of the whole circus, supporting a wide space. In order to attract more attention, the column body adopts metal bright surface. The columns spread upward, opening the sleek wooden curtain on the ceiling.

(corridor area) through the corridor, you can find access to other tents.

The passageway is mainly gray, which seems monotonous but conceals mystery. The gray is due to the fast conversion of the colorful nearby. Pink purple and pink green are two colors that alternately occupy the ceiling and wall of the corridor, reminding the audience that they are still in the circus tent full of surprises. 1. 2, 3, 4, the oblique Arabic numbers jump in front of the gate, suggesting that behind each gate, there are unforgettable performances to be announced by the audience.

(viewing Hall) the word "circus" comes from Latin and means the amphitheater.

Push forward the gate and enter the viewing hall to confirm the meaning. The seats are arranged in an arc, forming a line curve along the screen, making the audience feel like they are on the stand. There are two steps in front of the screen to make it look more like a stage. The seats, walls and carpets are all painted with indigo and deep purple. They are low-key and colorful. They do not steal the limelight of the main performances but retain their style.

(toilet) after the climactic performance in the tent, a comfortable space for emotional arrangement is particularly important.
The interior and exterior of the toilet respectively use sky blue and bright light green, with wood grain finish. The material is close to nature, making the vision more relaxed. The black frame mirror with white marble wash basin simply provides practicability and aesthetic feeling, which just corresponds to the door instruction outside the viewing hall.

In fact, regardless of age, whether in the cinema or the circus, it is most important to find happiness. With childlike innocence and imagination, Foshan huanyucheng cinema, which integrates multiple joys, extends the boundless and boundless space in the movie world, and recovers the simple joy of childhood~