PALACE Cinemas Raffles City

LOCATION Shenzhen, China
SERVICE Interior design
YEAR 2017

PALACE Cinemas Raffles City


LOCATION Shenzhen, China

SERVICE Interior design

YEAR 2017

The world in the play

Design inspiration
The script is the soul of the film and the basis of creation; similarly, the interior design is inseparable from the manuscript paper at the beginning of conception. Inspired by the original of a movie, the design team draws the original of this design script, smoothly deduces the circuitous curve formed when the paper is opened, so as to gradually lead the audience along this line, and slowly enter the movie story.

Design emphasis

In order to express this kind of artistic conception, a large number of arc lines and soft Beige lights are used throughout the cinema, representing the open manuscript paper staying in the mid air. In the order of the way the audience went into the cinema, the cinema is divided into three parts: starting, inheriting, transferring and merging.

"From" is the starting point of the cinema, including the ticket office and the buffet.

To greet each audience with a sharp and sharp curve, which is relatively gentle in vision and attracts people to keep watching but not too dazzling, just as the beginning of the movie is gradually colored by all black pictures. The ceiling also uses the upper flow line as the main axis, and naturally joins with the wall body under the gentle Beige light. In the middle of the wall, add a proper amount of wood grain finish, hide under the white streamline light pipe and white arc wall, like the just opened text, revealing the text, letting people peek at the beginning of the movie.

To undertake this initiative, it is natural to lead to the corridor: "Cheng".
The wall and ceiling continue to show a smooth curve. The patterns and lines on the floor began to become clear, clearly indicating the direction of each viewing hall. The color of the corridor wall is slightly deepened, the tension is moderately strengthened, and the audience is gradually drawn into the movie mood.

Turning into the bathroom around the corner in the middle of the corridor is the "turn" in the play.

This place is based on black and white, with a brighter white light and a stronger contrast. Coupled with the reflection of multiple mirrors, the space is enlarged, and the plot is extended as infinite as the turning point of the script.

The last step into the theater is the script [he]

All the emotions and divisions are calm, and the light and curve are blurred, leaving the audience with an immersive viewing experience.