Palace Cinemas MixC

LOCATION Shanghai, China
SERVICE Interior Design
YEAR 2017

Palace Cinemas MixC


LOCATION Shanghai, China

SERVICE Interior Design

YEAR 2017

Bringing Hayao Miyazaki's animation world to the cinema


The works of Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki have touched the hearts of countless people. The forest that the protagonist wants to protect in one of the works "ghost princess" is dreamlike. The scenery in the movie world can surpass the reality.

Design focus:

The most people who live in the forest are not elves, but trees. Therefore, a large number of wood and wood grain finishes are used in the cinema, which seems to infuse life and make the indoor environment as comfortable and comfortable as being in nature.

Lobby area
The ceiling of the lobby is surrounded by mirror decorations, which are a bit like the curved texture of script paper, but more like the rings of the oldest "elder tree" in the forest. The soft Beige light tube, with the strip texture of the wall or gold copper, or wood grain dumb surface, creates the shadow of the tree whirling, and the sun shines from the dense forest. The ceiling at the ticket office is hung with strips of white pendants of different lengths, which indicates that the sun is hiding behind overlapping branches and leaves.

Corridor area:

The walls are also decorated with wood grain branches, intermittently mixed with strip-shaped light tubes; the floor and ceiling are composed of different colors of dolomite, the trunk and rock coexist harmoniously, and the sky and the earth are connected into one, reflecting each other. The number signs of each viewing hall appear outside the door as stars.

More bright light, the floor is made of marble water pattern, and the door is decorated with straight wood grain. The round corner in the toilet is as smooth as the running water in the stream and the script.

The viewing hall is divided into standard hall and luxury hall, depicting waterfall and Yunshui gorge respectively.

The theme of the standard cinema is waterfall, which is made of gray blue, gray green, and yellow light. It creates a waterfall scene through the mysterious mountains.

The deluxe movie hall is like a mountain gorge full of rain. Dark green, turquoise, purplish blue, dark brown, all kinds of colors overlap, like dead wood, rock, trunk, covered with moss and cloud. But don't worry - you can't hear the whispers of elves here. The quiet and comfortable environment is just right for watching movies.