UA CINEMAS West Gate Mall

LOCATION Shanghai, China
SERVICE Interior design
YEAR 2018

UA CINEMAS West Gate Mall


LOCATION Shanghai, China

SERVICE Interior design

YEAR 2018

Thinking about the meaning of space and the sensory journey of visual animals with deconstruction

Design inspiration

The UA cinema in Shanghai expresses its desire to subvert the tradition and break away from the established framework through the "Deconstruction" of the post-modern architectural trend. Influenced by the French philosopher deshida, it integrates his deconstruction into the design, using a large number of irregular lines, geometric patterns and non formal three-dimensional shapes. The cinema joined in the uprising, rethinking the application and significance of space.

Design emphasis

Lobby area

The ceiling does not have a stable plane, on the contrary, there is an irregular shaped column falling from above. Standing in the middle of the lobby brings a slight sense of oppression.

It embodies the characteristics of deconstruction Aesthetics: nihilism, surreality, instability and openness, bringing visual impact and impressing the audience.

Corridor area

The luminosity is obviously stronger, but there are not too many main lights. A large number of hidden lights will be hidden in the numbers, stripes and margins of the cinema, reducing the pressure and increasing the sense of private space.

Seating area

"Post structuralism" has become stronger. As if order had been found in the previous collapse, the colors and lines of the lobby were used to increase the structure. There are no pillars falling from the sky, but there are ceiling decorations of similar shapes.

False ceiling as the visual center: pure white with dot light and gray blue bar hidden light, arranged in bamboo between plum blossom. The shape of the wall can be diamond or triangle, arranged orderly, and there are only three colors: basket, white and champagne gold.

VIP lounge and toilet

The VIP lounge features a large number of stripes, including patterns of walls and ceilings. Stripe or slant or slant, let a person unexpectedly. The bathroom magnifies the stripes horizontally and dominates the space here with a rectangle.

Viewing Hall:
Design focus:
After the visual experience of post-modern architecture, it's time to return to peace and focus on the film when arriving at the movie hall. Irregular shape only appears on the wall; when the meaning of deconstruction is settled, it becomes the preset structure, suggesting the next uprising breaking through the cycle.