Design Director

Ken Cheung

Graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design in 2008, Ken worked and handled commercial projects in an architecture firm. He was professional with comprehensive knowledge of architectural structure, spatial concept and environmental planning. He co-founded Oft Interiors Ltd. with CM in 2013, and was eager to recall the original meaning and sensation of the space through their works.

Ken thinks the huge satisfaction is gained from assisting different clients to reach their specific goals by making use of his design professions. He advocates his work can express the exclusive personality of the space for the client, instead of merely showing the designer style. Therefore Ken values the communication with clients so as to deliver their brand messages precisely through his designs.

CM Jao

Design Director

Graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design in 2007, CM worked in international renowned interior design firms for years and was in charge of projects related to shopping malls and leisure space He was professional with rich experience of interior spatial design and planning. In 2013, CM co-founded Oft Interiors Ltd with Ken, aiming to bring zest and energy to the design sector of the city.

CM believes every design project has its own unique characteristics so as to explore the various possibilities of the exclusive space. And he values the user experience and participation, firmly believes a satisfying work can give users a sense of arrival and connect the people with the area.


Shanny Cheung


Samantha Chan


Stella Tong


Tammy Au